Simulation Control Center

Simulation Control Center (SCC) is a Windows Store application that serves as the SIM-Teq system control point, allowing users to wirelessly monitor, manage and, control all SIM-Teq training products. SCC may be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Store here.

Simulation Control Center Home Page

Centralized Management for all SIM-Teq Devices

SCC is the hub of the SIM-Teq system. The application provides users with a single point of interaction with all SIM-Teq devices. Using SCC users can:

  • Connect to and control either a single SIM-Teq device or large groups of devices
  • Create or change individual device configurations
  • Create or change custom reusable configurations based on instrument type and training scenario requirements
  • Create device kits
  • Remotely monitor or control all SIM-Teq instruments

Device Configurations

If a standard instrument type allows configuration changes, the SIM-Teq equivalent supports all of the relevant settings. The instrument-specific configuration page is a simple and intuitive interface which allows trainers to configure instruments for their specific use case.

Simulation Control Center Device Configuration
SIM-Teq SCC Dongle

SCC Dongle

The SCC dongle is a custom USB device that acts as a communication link between the various SIM-Teq devices and a Windows 10 PC or Tablet.

Further Information

If you'd like to find out more about SCC please visit our Tutorials for brief video guides or our Downloads page for a full User Manual.